Latest work

  • Processed image of skull by Pascal Nosenzo

    The art is absent

    This online installation allows visitors to upload images that get processed live by a series of logarithms written in Processing.js. The processor revives the images to temporary digital paintings, creating a mutual dependency between user input and computer code.

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  • Concentric shape of a polygon by Pascal Nosenzo


    The output of Concentric started as the by-product of improving my fluency in JavaScript. These concentric shapes started as an interesting visualisation of my progress, but quickly became the main focus. This project also resulted in an Adobe CS scripting framework called Phrame.js, a framework around which the visualisation is structured. Phrame.js is free and more than happy to accept a few contributors.

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  • Organic shape made of light by Pascal Nosenzo

    Light sculptures

    Armed with a decent camera I took a shot at creating light sculptures that show movement. It started with a piece of rope and some LED-lights and ended up with a lego made rotor blade-like construction supporting miniature strobos.

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